General,Health & Safety, Communication, Complaints

Health and Safety

Our school has access to all health services, and the Public Health Nurse and other support services visit the school regularly. These include:

  • Dental treatment

  • Speech therapist

  • Hearing and Vision testing

  • Resource teachers for learning and behavior

If you have any concerns about the health of your child please do not hesitate to contact us.

Minor accidents are treated in the school first aid room by a staff member or one of the senior monitors. If necessary, office staff will try to contact parents about a child’s accident or illness.

If your child suffers from asthma, allergies or any other medical condition please inform the teacher and the school office. Written parental consent is required for the administration of medication at school.

Communication between School and Home

The principal and teachers of Christ the King Catholic School are committed to open communication with parents and family members. We are happy to discuss your child’s achievement and progress with you – just call and make an appointment. Similarly, if you have any concern about any aspect of school life, do give us a call. It is far better to come and talk through a problem rather than discuss it in the community.

Aside from these informal meetings there are many opportunities throughout the year when we get together to discuss your child’s learning, school-wide student achievement or school organisation. These include parent information evenings, three way conferences, families new to CTK evenings and Intermediate information sessions. These more formal occasions help us to work together to support the children of our school in their learning.

Home-School Partnership – meetings are also held regularly with the aim of involving parents in their children’s learning. These are usually focused on some key area of the curriculum such as literacy, numeracy or health.

Notes or phone calls from parents are required for any of the following:

  • Child’s absence from school or late arrival at school

  • Student to be excused from any part of the curriculum, including fitness and/or PE

  • Request to leave school early

  • Explanation for a child not wearing the correct uniform


We encourage informal communication between the school and home, however we do have procedures that need to be followed in the case of complaints.

Please click here for the Complaints policy and procedure