Digital Classrooms and the Ako Hiko Trust

Today’s schools need to prepare children to live and work in a digital world. Critical thinking, problem solving and digital literacy are basic skills, taught alongside reading, maths, science and the arts.

Christ the King is a school that embraces technology, and is working towards ‘blended’ teaching and learning solutions, using every tool we have available to give our students the same opportunities as every other kid.

The Ako Hiko Trust and Digital Classrooms

Senior school students at Christ the King (Years 4 – 6 from 2016) are fortunate to be able to learn in digital classrooms, with individual devices. The specific responsibilities and benefits of this programme are found in the Ako Hiko Trust’s ‘Kawa of Care’ document, which will be given to students before they begin in the class.

The Ako Hiko Trust works with a cluster of 7 schools in the Mt Roskill area, providing access to technology in the classrooms, professional development for teachers, and the opportunity for our families to purchase (or hire purchase) a Chrome Book.

Ako Hiko is building on the extensive research done by the Manaiakalani Education Trust – they have found significant improvement in education outcomes by providing students in low decile schools with the same opportunities to access technology as students enrolled in high decile schools. Christ the King is very excited to be a part of this programme.

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