Board of Trustees

The Board is responsible for the governance of the school and is committed to offering a high quality Catholic education to students of the school.

The Board usually meets once a month at 5.30pm in the school staff room. These meetings are public and parents are welcome to attend. A contact list of board members is available from the school office.

The Board consists of the principal, one staff representative, two Proprietor’s representatives and three parent representatives. Full elections take place every three years, with mid-term elections for some positions taking place in between these elections.

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Board Members

Bishop Stephen Lowe
Bishop Stephen LoweProprietor
Richard Tonga
Richard TongaPresiding Member
Billy Hadnett
Billy HadnettPrincipal
Lupe Faumui
Lupe FaumuiProprietor’s Representative
Brian Gianotti
Brian GianottiProprietor’s Representative
Kimberley Sullings
Kimberley SullingsStaff Representative
Matt Sandilands
Matt SandilandsParent Representative
Kriza Young
Kriza YoungParent Representative
Danielle Lourenco
Danielle LourencoBoard Secretary