Behaviour Guidelines, School Rules

The Christ the King Catholic School charism shapes the culture of the school and binds all members of the community together. As we practise the values of respect, love and service, justice, and peace and joy, the entire community will work together to build the Kingdom of God.

The teaching and values of Jesus Christ guide us as we relate to and care for each other. Our aim is to provide a friendly, stimulating, safe and happy learning environment where:

  • Every child knows what behaviour is expected as a member of our school

  • Students learn to manage their own behaviour

  • Students support each other in resolving disagreements and disputes through peer mediation

  • Every family knows the expectations for student behaviour at our school and the consequences for inappropriate behaviour; and

  • Firm, fair and consistent behaviour management is in place

These behaviour guidelines set out our general school rules and the consequences for unacceptable behaviour. At the beginning of each year every classroom will develop its own classroom guidelines for behaviour that are based on our school charism and are consistent with these rules.

School Rules

  • Show respect for others

  • Show respect for property

  • Keep yourself and others safe

  • Come to school ready to learn

  • Show pride in yourself and your school