Principal’s Message


As we continue this exciting school year, we want to emphasise the values that lie at the heart of our educational community: compassion and respect. These two principles guide us in creating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where every individual feels valued and appreciated.

Compassion: The Power of Empathy

Compassion is like a beacon that lights up our path, helping us to understand and support one another. It’s about walking in someone else’s shoes and extending a helping hand when needed. In our school, we aim to cultivate compassion by:

  • Teaching Empathy:
  • Acts of Kindness:
  • Community Service:

Respect: The Foundation of Inclusion

Respect is the cornerstone of our school’s culture. It’s about recognising the uniqueness of each individual and treating everyone with fairness and consideration. Here’s how we promote respect:

  • Respect for Diversity:
  • Zero Tolerance for Bullying:
  • Conflict Resolution:
  • Digital Citizenship:

Our goal is to mold our tamariki into compassionate leaders who will carry these values with them throughout their lives. We believe that a compassionate and respectful school community sets the stage for future success, not only academically but also as responsible citizens of the world.

As parents, you play an integral role in instilling these values at home. We encourage you to have conversations with your children about compassion and respect, reinforcing the importance of these principles in all aspects of life.

Together, we can make our school a place where compassion and respect flourish, and where every student feels a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Thank you for being part of our CTK family, where compassion and respect are more than just words; they are the foundation of our community.

CTK Service Programme – Due 1st November 2023

Booklets are available at the school office. Completed booklets can be given to Mr Hadnett.

Kind regards
Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character

The power of kindness

When we see someone who doesn’t look like us, or sound like us, or act like us, or love like us, or live like us, the first thought that crosses almost everyone’s brain is rooted in either fear or judgement or both. In order to be kind, we have to shut down that animal instinct and force our brain to travel a different pathway. Empathy and compassion are evolved states of being.
In the words of St Mary Mackillop- “Never see a need without doing something about it”


Tena koutou katoa! The end of term 3 is approaching fast!

Ki Te Wiki o te reo Maori
Here are some ideas for learning kupu (words) for ki te Wiki o te reo Maori – Maori Language Week. Try learning with your child/children at home.

Life Education
We have Life Education visiting our school on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th September. Life Education provides education to support our children’s health and wellbeing, delivered through interactive learning experiences in schools. For Primary schools they have specialist health teachers provide engaging and memorable lessons through the Healthy Harold Programme.
Our senior classes will be focusing on the topics of ‘Our Feelings and Influence’ and ‘Why might we react and respond differently to our world and those around us?’

The Junior classes will focus on ‘Being a good friend’ and the importance of kindness towards people.

Planting Day
As part of our work with Trees for Survival over the last two years, we had a planting day at school this week where students planted hundreds of seeds in pot plants in preparation for Planting Day for 2024.

Eden/Albert Choir Performance
Over the last few weeks our CTK school choir has been practicing very hard with Mrs Fullerton to prepare for the Eden/Albert Choir Performance for Thursday 19th October from 7pm-9pm at Holy Trinity Cathedral Parnell. Our choir is one of twelve schools within the Mt Eden and Mt Albert area. All the schools have been working hard over the last two rehearsals. We are looking forward to the performance next term.

Celebrating Student Learning
This week we celebrated the learning of our tamariki during rooms 4 and 2 assembly. Congratulations to all students who received classroom certificates, certificates for Excellence in basic facts, spelling and general knowledge.

Ngā mihi nui
George Tyrell


Welcome to the following new members of our CTK Community.
  • Sofiana in Room 2
  • Eva in Room 6

Certificates – Week 9 Term 3


CTK Kindness Cup
sponsored by the Kindness Collective Foundation

Kindness Cup Winner for Term 3


(Room 4)
Being kind and patient both inside and outside of the classroom.
Kindness Award
(Room 2)
Always being willing and ready to help others in class.
(Room 6)
Showing kindness to her peers, by volunteering to help with class work and also showing kindness by being a good friend to everyone she plays with at morning tea and lunchtime.
(Room 8)
Always being a kind and caring friend to others from all classes and always helping around the class without being asked.

Room 2

Frederick – Working hard at self managing in the morning and having a positive attitude toward his learning.

Sofiana – Settling well into room 2’s routines and having a go in all learning areas.

Room 4

Arya – Working super hard in writing and sounding out any unknown words.

Tuilahina – Being focused in class and giving everything a go to the best of her abilities.

Room 6

Harikesh – Being a great poet.

Anastasia – showing leadership and a high standard of work.

Room 8

Wyatt – Working hard on his 3d designs on Tinkercad and creating some amazing 3d printing.

TuvaleFor making significant contributions to his group’s Pūtātara project throughout this term, and being a great team member.


Happy Birthday to our CTK students with birthdays in September
Room 2 Room 4  Room 6 Room 8
Sofiana Lucian Tautala-Grace Titan
Heidettah Eesha
Jerome Lasini
Rosamaria Fai

Catholic College Newsletters

Enrolments for 2022 / 2023

If you have a child who will be starting school in the next 6-12 months please enroll them as soon as possible.

We have had an increase in enrolments for 2024 in the past 2 weeks.

So please get you child’s paperwork in ASAP to confirm your spot.

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