Principal’s Message

“A generous person will proper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed”
Proverbs 11:25
Our school has been blessed by forming a partnership with the Kindness Collective Foundation this year. We have been lucky to have 3 amazing opportunities that the Kindness Collective have funded for CTK.
We thank Sarah, Ellie and Dave for their great work and the opportunities they are giving our CTK tamariki.
Below is more information about the 3 opportunities.
New Community Gardens
On Saturday the 18th of March the Kindness Collective Foundation has organised to build 7 new gardens at our school for our tamariki to grow more fruit and vegetables for our school and parish communities.
The materials, plants, builders and machinery is fully funded and will be an amazing resource for CTK.
Kindness Cup
This week we presented our first Kindness Cup award. This award includes a large trophy, a certificate and some LEGO.
The award is for a student that shows Kindness and our four school values each and everyday.
Our first winner was Gabrielle from Room 4 and was awarded to her because:
  • She is hardworking
  • Respectful to everyone inside and outside the classroom
  • Helpful to teachers and others
  • Shows kindness and generosity


The Kindness Collective Foundation have also gifted CTK lots of new LEGO to be used in our STEM Lab and Junior Creativity room.

We are very grateful to the Kindness Collective Foundation for supporting our school and tamariki.

Kind regards,
Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character


Samaritan Woman proclaims the Messiah

Grace to Celebrate
Let us celebrate that the God of loving kindness cares for each of us, despite our grumbling. Jesus, as the Son of God, quenches our inner spiritual thirst and guides us in our journey with the lifegiving Spirit of Peace.

Scriptural Phrases Ex 17:3–7; Ps 95; Rom 5:1–2, 5-8; Jn 4:5–42 The people grumbled against Moses, strike the rock, water will flow from it acclaim the Rock of our salvation harden not your hearts as at Meribah tempted me though they saw my works. Peace with God through Jesus Christ love of God poured out into our hearts Christ died for the ungodly Jesus tired, sat at the well Samaritan woman came to draw water drink the water I give and never thirst worship the Father in Spirit and truth amazed, Jesus talking with a woman to do the will of the one who sent me see the fields ripe for the harvest. now believe, have heard for ourselves.


  1. Grumble – God listened to his people newly freed from Egypt. That our hearts not grow hard nor our spirits develop a sense of entitlement but that we be happy in the gifts surrounding us. We pray …
  2. Structures – God freed his people from the bonds of slavery. That we not test God by structuring global finance and patenting law that reduces people and nations to modern-day slaves. We pray …
  3. Women Preaching – God made the Samaritan woman at the well a preacher of the Good News. That we listen to the women in our church who show us new spiritual insights into faith and worship. We pray …
  4. Water – God promised those drinking the water his Son gave would never thirst again. That, enlightened by baptismal waters, we help civic planners respect water in its natural cycles. We pray …
  5. Worship – God looks for worship in spirit and truth. That we shun ideas of worship as magical rituals to manipulate God, contributing instead to our communal celebrations with sincerity. We pray …



Talofa lava everyone! We are already well into week 6. A lot has happened since week 3.

Swimming is done for the year! The 2 vans used for transport made a vast difference in terms of getting our tamariki and teachers to and from New Windsor pools in good time. We may have to employ the two van drivers full time!

The mixed Y5/6 Rippa Rugby team competed at the Mount Roskill Zone tournament in week 4. The weather was beautiful and very hot! The team competed extremely well. Their skills and effort improved with every game. Again, a wonderful opportunity for our tamariki to play a sport that many have never played and competed in before. The team demonstrated our school values very well on and off the field. They made us proud with the level of sportsmanship they showed during and after each game. Thank you to our parents and supporters who encouraged and supported our team throughout the day. So well done team!

Specialisation has started again this week! Specialisation provides rich learning experiences and covers a range of curriculum areas through music, languages (Te reo and sign language), sports and bikes, digital learning, and bible studies.

As part of the Health and Physical Education achievement objectives under Self Management across the appropriate year levels from Levels 1-3, our students will describe and identify risks and use safe practices in a range of contexts. In week 8 on Thursday 23rd March, we have a visit from St John who will work with each class throughout the day.

Nga mihi nui

George Tyrell
Deputy Principal

Board of Trustees

Kia ora CTK Community,

It is with great pleasure that I continue to serve the school as the Chairman of the Board for 2023. We have many exciting things happening at CTK throughout the year.

The first is the completion of the School Bike Track. As many of you have seen the construction of this track is well underway and is planned to be completed by the end of next week.

We thank Trailpro and Bikes in Schools for the amazing work they have done on this project and I know our tamariki will fully enjoy themselves on it.

Stay safe,
Richard Tonga


Welcome to the following new members of our CTK Community.
  • Jake – Rm 4
  • Dhvanit – Rm 6

Certificates – Week x Term 1


Room 2

Lillian – Settling down quickly to complete given tasks in class.

Cairo – Trying hard to listen carefully to instructions in class.

Room 4

Tupou – For focusing and completing her work to a high standard.

Tuilahina – Being kind and demonstrating the CTK values in the classroom.

Room 6

Kidus – For an outstanding effort in his Basic Facts.

Solomon – Scoring ninety six percent in his Basic Facts.

Room 8

Cornelius – Understanding that hard work leads to success and taking ownership of his learning.

Ziessel – Demonstrating an increasing confidence in new and unfamiliar situations and facing most challenges with a positive attitude.


Happy Birthday to our CTK students with birthdays in March
Room 8

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