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Principal’s Message

This week we celebrated the success of our tamariki in Terms 1 and 2.

This morning you should have received your child/rens school reports via email, paper copies are coming home this afternoon with the eldest child in each family. If your children are away from school today, your reports will be held in the school office. It was great to see how much success that our students had after two hard years. Please share these reports with your child/ren and celebrate how amazing they are.

Student Honours Board Inductees for Term 2

Below are the names of the students that have been added to the Student Honours Board for Term 2. In Term 1 we had eight names, now we have 38. We also have many students very close to making it on to the Board and will have the opportunity in Term 3.

Spelling Lists 1-4
110 words
Spelling Lists 5-6
120 words
Spelling Lists 7-8
120 words
Room 4

Clarke, Kimora, Tuvale, Joanne

Room 2

Philodea, Evie, Xarnder, Cornelius, Dosh, Koloa, Ken P, Rocio, Siaki, Sierra-Leigh

  • Philodea – Rm 2
  • Ethan – Rm 2
  • Ken F – Rm 2
  • Ken P – Rm 2
  • Rocio – Rm 2
  • Fai – Rm 2
  • Ethan – Rm 2
  • Ken P – Rm 2
Senior Basic Facts
100 questions
Junior Basic Facts
50 questions
General Knowledge Level 1
  • Fai – Rm 2
  • Solomon – Rm 8
  • Marianna – Rm 2
  • Koloa – Rm 2
  • RJ – Rm 8
  • Kalani-coco – Rm 8
  • Rishon – Rm 8
  • Riston – Rm 8

Event Updates

Whole School Mass – Sunday 3rd July – Postponed
This event has been postponed due to the overwhelming sickness that has spread through our school the past week.

Parent Interviews – Tuesday 5th July
We look forward to seeing you all at this community event. School Closes at 2:30pm but staff will be onsite to look after your child/ren until normal pickup time. Please note, Room 2 parent interviews have been postponed until Term 3.

Last Day of School – Friday 8th July
School will close at 3pm

Kind regards
Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character – Mrs Whyburd

Proclaiming the Word 2021

Proclaiming the Word is about our ability to speak in a confident and clear way. We will have a junior and a senior competition. Information was sent home with each student at the start of this week. Spare information sheets are available in the school office.

The Final will be held on Friday 29th July at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland CBD at 11am.

Details of each competition are below.

Junior Competition Senior Competition
  • Students can choose to say one of these prayers – Hail Mary or Our Father.
  • Students can choose to say this prayer in a language of their choice.
  • Classroom teachers will choose 2 or 3 students to move to the final held in our Church.
  • Students can choose one of three Bible readings which are listed below.
  • Classroom teachers will choose 2 or 3 students to move to the final held in our Church.

Specialisation Day Art

Curriculum – Mr Tyrell

The winter season has had an impact on our students and daily attendance. However, there is still so much happening in our school.

Our Specialisation and after school activities are providing great learning opportunities and skills for our students this term.

After school ukulele has been a great opportunity for our students to learn to play an instrument. They were beginners when we started Term 2, now most are able to read ukulele chord sheets and play up to 4 to 8 chords. Some are beginning to read music, play the ukulele and sing at the same time. Great skills everyone! Thank you to our amazing Mrs Fullerton and Mr Tyrell for co-teaching our young musicians. We’ve had great progress in just 9 weeks!

Bucket Drumming
Our students have been learning to use musical notations and symbols to create their own rhythmic patterns. They write, read and play their own, and others creative rhythmic patterns.

Jumping June

On Tuesday 28th June we had a wonderful morning as a whole school with the Heart Foundation promoting Jumping June. Our students loved spending time across five stations of various activities involving skipping ropes. Thank you to all our teachers for their full engagement and organising the various activities. The Heart Foundation mascot “Hearty” was very popular with our students! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the exercise with some fun challenges throughout the morning.

Junky Monkeys

A great way to end week 9 with Junky Monkeys!

Junky Monkeys turns repurposed junk (a.k.a. Loose parts) into resources for creative play and promoting a cultural shift towards reduce, reuse, recycle and a circular economy.

Our school loved the huge range of loose parts and found creative ways to have fun, problem solve, relate well with others, and use their imagination!

Board of Trustees

New Board Chair

Mr Richard Tonga

Richard has two children currently at CTK with a third due to start school in October. His oldest son also attended CTK and is now Year 9 at St Peter’s College. He is currently employed as a Regional Asset Manager for Bupa NZ whilst also studying towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Business at the University of Auckland. He wants to make sure our school thrives and that the children at CTK have what they need available to prepare them for the future.

Look forward to seeing you all in the school carpark.


Office Updates

If you haven’t booked your school/whanau interviews click link now.

Tuesday 5th July 2022

School closes 2:30pm

Click HERE to book your interviews.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone the school office.

Certificates – Week 9 Term 2



Helina – For always trying her best in class and working hard towards her Matariki presentation

Ethan – For staying focused in class and completing his work to a high standard


Esi – Consistently demonstrating Ako in the classroom. Lelei tele!

Clarke – Demonstrating kairangi in his spelling and moving up 3 groups. Malo lava!


Micheal – For excellent progress in Writing and having a go at new words. Ka Pai!

Alyson – For a positive attitude towards her learning and always trying her best. Ka Pai!


Tautala-Grace – Always demonstrating a positive attitude towards her learning. Ka Pai

Rico – For carefully planning his writing ideas and being a kind friend. Ka mau te wehi!

Enrolments for 2022 & 2023



If you have a child who will be starting school in the next 6-12 months, please enroll them at school. We are seeing an increase in enrolments and spaces for next year are filling fast.


Reminder that we no longer take enrolments for Year 7 and Year 8.

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