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Principal’s Message

Education is the Passport to the Future

Today we unveiled our 2022 Student Honours Board in the Library. At CTK we believe that having the foundation knowledge is important and a must to succeed later in life.

This board recognises those students that achieve 100% in our termly Spelling, Basic Facts and General Knowledge tests.

Today’s students were those that achieved 100% in Term 1 and we will look to announce Term 2 students at the end of this term.

Congratulations to the following students

Senior Basic Facts
100 questions
Spelling Lists 1-4
110 words
Spelling Lists 5-6
120 words
  • Ethan – Rm 2
  • Ken P – Rm 2
  • Radhya – Rm 4
  • Angela – Rm 4
  • Ethan – Rm 2
  • Ken F – Rm 2
  • Fai – Rm 2
  • Fai – Rm 2

Upcoming Events

  • Monday 6th June – Queen’s Birthday Weekend – No School
  • Friday 10th June – Junior School Trip – Auckland Botanical Gardens
  • Thursday 23rd June – CTK Matariki Disco
  • Friday 24th June – Matariki Public Holiday – No School
  • Friday 1st July – Reports go home
  • Sunday 3rd July – Whole School Sunday Mass
  • Tuesday 5th July – Parent / Teacher Interviews.

Have a fantastic long weekend and see you all safe and well on Tuesday.

Kind regards
Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character

New Religious Studies Curriculum

On Friday 13th May our staff attended a professional development day about the new RE curriculum that is launching in 2023. Below are some snippets of the curriculum.

It provides a foundation of knowledge which works alongside the whole school’s Catholic Special Character, which helps form their understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and a member of the Catholic Church.


Senior Trip to Tiritiri Matangi

Hello there, you’re probably wondering where we went for our field trip this term. Well, I’ll tell you in a second.

So basically, I woke up and went to school really early. Well once I got to school there were only like ten people there. I put my bag down and went straight to the ipads. I played this game called Roblox on scratch. But all the teachers came and told us we had to go to the mat as fast as we could. Once we got on the mat they did the roll to make sure everyone was here and mostly everyone was here. After they did the roll, they set some rules and then we lined up and went to the bus and sat down. I sat with my friend and we played card games and she won 🙁 . Then we started to sing Twinkle Little Star and the Cocomelon intro song. Once we got to the boat terminal we got into our groups and got given special access cards for us to get on the boat.

Once we got on the boat I was SHOCKED!!! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, this whole beautiful room that had a cafe kiosk but we couldn’t go and buy stuff. At least I got to sit with my friends. Once I sat down, I got the middle seat but then me and my friend switched seats and I got the window seat – there was an incredible view of the city. Once the boat was moving it felt like the driver was going faster. It was like we were going fast as a race car.

When we got to the Island I began to feel really excited. Once we got on the wharf we met our guide named Sally. She told us the rules like no feeding the birds (this was important because the food we feed them might make them sick). We could not touch the birds or else they might run away or fly away. But after we walked up the road we saw this bird called kakariki. It was so camouflaged that even Sally couldn’t see it at first. Then my Best friend looked to the right and she saw a pukeko. The pukeko had a stunning red beak and had really skinny legs. We began to walk up a track and saw a quail. It was really brown and fat and looked a bit like a takahe.

As we continued down the very long bush walk we began to look at some birds and we discovered there was a note saying there is a puppet scavenger hunt. We found a pukeko puppet and lots of other puppets. We caught sight of the Lighthouse at the top of the hill and I felt so happy and a bit relieved that the bush walk was finally over! 

Once we got up to the visitor centre and cafe we ate our lunch. Then Barbara came outside and she told us what pests were not allowed there like stoats, possums, mice, rats, hedgehogs, cats and dogs. They are not allowed on the island because Tiritiri Matangi is a Pest free Island. After that we had to go. 

We walked down the road this time as it was faster than the bush walk. Once we got down we sang a song called He Honore to the people that were there and to give thanks to the island. Then we got on the boat and said goodbye. 

We got to go on the bow of the boat and then we even got to go all the way in the front where the rail was which made it even better to see the water. It was magnificent and the wind was very cold blowing against my face and it made my eyes tear up. We got back into the city and climbed on the bus and went back to school. Once I got to school I went with my cousins back home.

On the way home we drove to Mcdonalds aka Maccas. I got a double cheeseburger, fries and a Sprite. I hope you enjoyed my recount of this incredible day. I also hope, one day, that you will get to experience the magic of Tiritiri Matangi one day too!

By Tiare

Samoan Language Week

This year’s theme for Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa – Samoa Language Week is Fa’aāuāu le Folauga i le Va’a o Tautai – Continue the Voyage with Competent Wayfinders of the Ocean.

Mālo lava le soifua! As a small school, this week we embraced the language or gagana of Samoa. With 32% of our students with Samoan heritage, the 68% of our non-Samoan students did amazingly well to continue to learn phrases, greetings and songs. Over the week it showed the importance of cultural responsiveness and honouring the gagana Samoa. It also highlights how our Samoan students continue to have so much pride in their identity a Samoan. Fa’afetai lava to Mrs Hadnett for the library display.

Ia manuia le faaiuga o le vaiaso.

George Tyrell

Deputy Principal

House Keeping

Uniforms Attendence / Lateness Birthday Celebrations
  • CTK Polo Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Socks
  • Black Shoes/Sandals

Our students are no longer able to wear the old school uniform.

Any issues please talk to your classroom teacher

Students are expected to be at school by 8:45am. After this time students need to report to the Office.

If students are away sick please contact the Office to inform them.

It is important for our students to be at school as much as possible.

Students will no longer be able to bring birthday cakes / goodie bags to celebrate in class.

This is due to having several students at our school with food allergies and keeping everyone safe.

Several children have been bringing milk-based drinks, juice or fizzy drinks to school.  Please remember we are a WATER ONLY school.  Water is the best drink for you children for hydration and health.

Certificates – Week 5



Tiare – For being a reflective learner who continually takes on board feedback to help her improve.

Helena – for demonstrating an increasing confidence in new and unfamiliar situations and facing most challeneges with a positive attitude.


Angela -Demonstrating kairangi in the classroom. Malo lava!

Kidus – An excellent attitude towards his learning. Lelei tele!


Joseph – for excellent progress in reading and becoming more confident in taking risks in his learning

Gabrielle – for displaying independence skills in all learning areas in class and having a positive attitude


Heidettah – For consistently being a good role model – respectfully contributing to all class activities.

Anastasia – For working diligently on her siapo artwork and extending her learning beyond the classroom.

Enrolments for 2022 & 2023

If you have a child who will be starting school in the next 6-12 months, please enroll them at school. We are seeing an increase in enrolments and spaces for next year are filling fast.

Reminder that we no longer take enrolments for Year 7 and Year 8.

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