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Principal’s Message

Good Afternoon CTK Community

The Government’s announcement on Wednesday might have left you a little let down due to the lack of information for primary aged students. I know we are all COVID weary and want life to get back to normal as soon as possible.

There is another education announcement next week and I will look to keep you informed of any developments as information comes to light.

Below is some information:

Labour Day – Monday 25th October

There will be NO online sessions for students on Monday 25th October due to it being a Public Holiday.

Home Learning Packs

These will be avaiable at the school office Tuesday 26th October to Friday 29th October from 10am to 2pm each day.

Please come to the school office and knock on the door.

Returning Back To School

Our school will be open for essential workers’ children only until further notice.

If your child needs to return to school you will need to inform Mr Hadnett in advance. Please remember that this is not school as normal.

Art House Point Challenge

Our first challenge for house points this term is for our students to create an A4 picture of a New Zealand Native Bird.

A picture of your artwork is due to Mr Hadnett on Friday 29th October.

Each entry receives 50 house points and the top 3 artworks will be made into our new CTK cards.

Friends of CTK Raffle

Due to the continuation of our current lockdown we have had to once again postpone our raffle date.

This is due to regulations set by the lotteries commission.

We are currently collecting money and ticket stubs at the office when you pick up your home learning packs.

Congratulations Mr Lelo

During our last holiday’s Mr Lelo got married. We congratulate him on this huge achievement.

If you need any help or have any questions please contact Mr Hadnett on

Kind Regards
Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character

5 Finger Prayer’s from Room 5

My 5 finger prayer – by D’Artagnan

Thumb: Dear God, please bless mum and dad, my brothers and sister and grandma and the rest of my family too.

Pointer Finger: Dear God, please guide all my teachers and help us to work hard for them.

Middle Finger: Dear God, please lead our leaders and help them to be good role models for us.

Ring Finger: Dear God, please help all the people who are poor and sick and make them feel better.

Pinkie Finger: Dear God, please help me to always do my best.


My 5 finger prayer by Clarke

Thumb: Dear God, please bless my grandparents, my parents and all my loved ones.

Pointer Finger: Dear God, please guide our teachers, coaches and medical personnel.

Middle Finger: Dear God, please lead our prime minister and other government leaders and priests.

Ring Finger: Dear God, please help those sick people and all those in need in every country.

Pinkie Finger: Dear God, give me good health and be able to help people in need.


Online Testing

As we are currently working online for an unknown amount of time, we are being proactive and our teachers will start some Reading and Maths testing via Zoom.

Our teachers will have the guidelines for how this will happen and will explain to the students when they have their one to one sessions.

Movie Review Writing from Room 2

Cinquain Poetry from Room 4

Cans for Christmas

Cans for Christmas 2021 is now an online collection.

Scan the QR code to donate.

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