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Principal’s Message

Attitude of Graditude – St Mary MacKillop

This term our students had many different opportunities including camp, field trips and sports. Next term we will be offering even more opportunities to your children.

Opportunities for Term 3

  • Robotics and Coding Club
  • Rugby and Basketball Skill Sessions
  • Magic Maths
  • CTK Proclaiming the Word Finals
  • CTK Open Evening (September 1st)
  • CTK Fun Run

Please keep an eye out for information about these events .

Term 2 Academics

Our teachers have finished their data collection for Term 2 and we have amazing upward movement in our students’ achievements. These achievements will be shared in detail at our up coming School/Whanau Interviews.

Congratulations to the following students for achieving 100%

  • Ethan (Rm2) – Senior Basic Facts
  • Ken P (Rm 2) – Senior Basic Facts
  • Kidus (Rm 5) – Junior Basic Facts
  • Angela (Rm 5) – Junior Basic Facts
  • Esi (Rm 5) – Junior Basic Facts
  • Solomon (Rm 5) – Junior Basic Facts
  • Zean (Rm 2) – Essential Spelling Lists

School/Whanau Interviews

It’s time to book your school/whanau interviews!

Room 2 only
Wednesday 28th July
3pm – 6pm
Whole school
School closing at 1:00pm
Thursday 29th July
1:30pm – 4:30pm and then 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Click HERE to go to the interview booking website.

Have a fantastic and restfull holidays.
Mr Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character

Proclaiming the Word 2021

Proclaiming the Word is about our ability to speak in a confident and clear way. We will have a junior and a senior competition.

The Final will be held on Friday 20th August in our Church starting at 12pm.

Details of each are below.

Junior CompetitionSenior Competition
  • Students can choose to say one of these prayers – Hail Mary or Our Father.
  • Students can choose to say this prayer in a language of their choice.
  • Classroom teachers will choose 2 or 3 students to move to the final held in our Church.
  • Students can choose one of three Bible readings which are listed below.
  • Classroom teachers will choose 3 or 4 students to move to the final held in our Church.
Reading 1
Reading 2
Reading 3


The end of Term 2 is upon us. How fast has this term gone? It has been a very active last few weeks seeing both Tika and Pono teams experiencing camp. What an opportunity for all our students at CTK to have fun and learn at the same time! Thank you to our teachers, students, and especially our parents/caregivers for all your support throughout Term 2. Your tautoko and support helps to provide opportunities to create a rich contextual Curriculum for all our learners at CTK school.

A brief outline of what is ahead for our learners in Term 3.

  • ‘Food for Thought’ programme. Year 5/6 students will be going to New World Mt Roskill for a supermarket visit to look at food labels and packaging.
  • Year 5/6 Trip to Maritime Museum as part of the Immigration/Migration Unit.
  • The APPA choir will continue with rehearsals next term.
  • After school activities like basketball, Sports Academy, Magic Maths, Robotics will start and continue next term.
  • Mount Roskill Zone competition events – Hockey, Basketball, Chess and Cross Country.
  • Our Mathematics Professional Development (DMIC) continues next term.
  • We will also have other exciting events coming up in Term 3, watch this space 🙂
George Tyrell
Deputy Principal

Camp Highlights

Rewinding to last week on Wednesday 30th June 2021. The BIG Day was filled with a roller coaster of mixed emotions such as happiness, separation anxiety, exhilaration and excitement! We began stowing our bags and luggages inside the storage area of the bus. Ritchies was a designated bus transportation heading to our wonderful destination: MERC (Marine Education Recreation Centre). It was over a 30 minute drive. Upon arrival at our destination, we popped our luggages out of the storage area and sensibly lined up. We came to camp for a reason. One reason I thought was to teach us to get out of our comfort zone and at the same time teach us to be responsible and mature in the future.

Although there were many more activities that I enjoyed such as Mountain Biking, Paddleboarding, Checking the rock pools and many more throughout our camping. I could say that my favourite activity was Spotlight / The Night Time Adventure. Let me give you an idea how it was played. MERC would shut down the whole place until no light was spotted. We could only use our torch to scavenge for the hiders or hide from the seekers. Its concept was like Hide n’ Seek but with 3 seekers and 40 hiders. There were places that were completely designated out of bounds. They were the Boys Dorm and the Girls Dorm, Under the boats and the Toilets. The game will never stop until the hiders are found. Players hid in the bushes, under the grill or potentially in plain sight. The challenging part was some people snitching on us and happily giving away our hiding spots.

Out of all, the most important thing was the lessons we learnt from camping. This camp taught us how to be responsible while away from our parents by doing our daily chores. It also strengthened our brotherhood as we need to look out for each other. Overall, I’m happy and really enjoyed what this camp has brought on us! I’m looking forward to having another in the future.

Room 2

Board of Trustees

Kia ora CTK Families

Last Monday we held our fourth Board meeting for the year and some of the items that were discussed are:

  • Term 2 data
  • Education outside the classroom
  • Enrolments

Also we are pleased to announce that CTK has secured funding for a new school van from Hugo Charitable Trust. The Board have been working hard behind the scenes to secure this funding and know it will be a great asset for the school.

We should see our new van arrive in Term 4 this year. Below is a picture of the van we will be receiving.

Keep the faith
Glen Evans
Presiding Member

Friends of CTK

On Monday 28th June the Friends of CTK were formed. This is a group of parents that will organise events for our children.

Up coming Events for 2021

  • Term 3 Raffle – Tickets will be sent home to sell Term 3 / Week 1
  • Friday 22nd September – CTK Movie night
  • Friday 29th October – Halloween Disco

If you interested in joining our Friends of CTK group please email Mrs Sullings on for details.

Office Updates

     to Sarah in Room 6!

Cougars Basketball Holiday Programme
at Unitec Sports Centre.
Click on the poster for more detail.

Enrolments for 2021 & 2022

If you have a child who will be starting school in the next 12-18 months, please enroll them at school. We are seeing an increase in enrolments and spaces for next year are filling fast.

Reminder that we no longer take enrolments for Year 7 and Year 8.

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