This Friday night we are holding our CTK Disco.

Please get your tickets by 3pm tomorrow. There are no ticket sales on the night.

Key details:

  • Cost = $5.00
  • Current CTK students only
  • Food provided (sausage and bread, bag of chips, water bottle)
  • Free glow sticks
  • Please drop of your child at 6pm and pick up at 8pm
  • No money needed at this event


Yr 4 – 6 Camp Forms

All our Year 4 – 6 students need to return their MERC Camp forms as soon as possible to the office.


Whole School Sunday Mass

On Sunday 20th June we are holding a whole school Sunday Mass @ 10am.

All our students are expected to be in attendance at this event, in full school uniform.

Kind regards
Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Respect – Service – Compassion – Peace and Joy