In this Week’s Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Poupou le lotoifale. Ola manuia le anofale.

Strengthen the posts of your house for all to thrive.

This was the theme for Samoan Language Week 2021 and it connects well with this years’ annual plan.

We are concentrating our efforts in four key areas so we continue to grow compassionate, confident and connected learners.
  1. Catholic Character
  2. Academics
  3. Culture
  4. Sports

During our last staff meeting we discussed how these four key areas allow us to give multiple OPPORTUNITIES to our students, our parents and the wider community.

Kind regards
Billy Hadnett

CTK Disco

Next week Friday 11th June we will be holding our CTK Disco.

Key details:

  • Current CTK students only
  • Cost $5.00
  • Food provided (sausage and bread, bag of chips, water bottle)
  • Free glow sticks
  • Please drop of your child at 6pm and pick up at 8pm
  • No tickets can be purchased on the night

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character


Kainga Ora Fieldtrip

Yesterday we took part in the Kainga Ora community building project at Owairaka District School. It focused on the different occupations that were in our neighbourhood.

The activities in the community building were really fun, the Kainga Ora team were very welcoming and helpful. We got to try out different activities that linked to their jobs. We did lots of activities such as construction, rules on how to be safe in construction centres, plumbing games on the computers,  trying out the digger, sitting in the driver’s seat of trucks that suck up water, and designing our own neighbourhood by drawing houses, parks and people on a big piece of paper. We were so grateful to Owairaka School for welcoming us to their school. We enjoyed being there with them and had a great time. We appreciated how the workers took some time off their jobs and to share their knowledge with us.

Aadirai (Rm 2)

Umu Day

Thank you to the Samoan Community for their generosity of time and expertise in helping with our school umu.

What is an umu?

An Umu is a traditional Samoan oven that is above the ground, made out of stones. The stones have to be heated in the fire before placing food onto the Umu. The food is wrapped in banana leaves or tin foil or you can also put the food into half a coconut. You can put food like lamb, taro, chicken, and pork. You can also cook seafood such as fish and other sea animals.

Aden (Rm 2)

Office Updates

Michael and Tupou to Room 6!

Christ the King Parish

Mass Times

  • Monday – 9am – Liturgy of the Word
  • Tuesday – 9am
  • Wednesday – 9am
  • Thursday – 9am
  • Friday – 10am
  • Saturday – 9am & 6pm
  • Sunday – 8:30am & 10am
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