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Principal’s Message

For he clung to the Lord, he did not depart from following him

2 Kings 18:6

Please don’t underestimate the toll that the COVID experience this year has had on us all. We all weathered this extraordinary experience over many months, staying positive, being kind and getting through. We have now been thrown back to level three, with the uncertainty of how this will play out over the coming days, weeks and months.

We are ‘COVID-weary’; outwardly putting on the energetic, brave face in front of our families, workmates and friends. Underneath we are weary, and a certain amount of anxiety is bubbling beneath the surface. Digging deep is harder than it was. So again, be kind to yourself and be aware we are all feeling this in our own way. Humans are fragile and a little TLC goes a long way right now.

Perseverance and Resilience is the key moving forward. We need to keep faith that we can overcome this situation. We all need to stay strong for our children as they are feeling it just as much or even more than we are.

Please reach out to me if you need help in any way. We have a wellbeing plan in place at CTK and are able to communicate with other agencies to help you.

Sunday Mass

Thank you to all those that attended our Sunday Mass on August 2nd. It was amazing to see close to 60% of our students and their families come together with the parish as one big community.

Please note that this was a School Event and all children were expected to attend. Our next Sunday Mass is on 1st November please put this in your diaries.

Parent Partnership Evening

Thank you to the families that attended our Parent Partnership Evening on Tuesday 4th August. It was great to discuss your ideas and thoughts around some key aspects moving forward at CTK. These are just some of our thoughts

  • CTK Graduate Profile
  • A less wordy School Report
  • Introducing a Weekly Report including
    • Effort level for Managing Self
    • Effort Level for Relating to Others
    • Values Vouchers received in that week

Teacher Only Day

We have moved our Teacher Only Day from Friday 4th September to Friday 25th September (Last Day of Term).

Covid Update

There is a scheduled announcement at 5:30pm this evening. From this I will make contact with our school community with our plan. Currently our wonderful teachers are preparing for online learning in the case that we will continue to stay in Lockdown.

I will be in regular contact via email with updates and information. Please if your email address has changed or if you re not receiving my updates please let me know by email on

Stay safe, be kind and keep the faith

Kind Regards

Billy Hadnett

Key Dates

Special Catholic Character

Thank you whānau for your presence at our first school / parish mass on Sunday 2nd August. The children did their ministries beautifully and their singing was amazing.

We also celebrated the Feast

of St.Mary Mackillop on Friday 7th August where some of our children stepped up to read in Church for the very first time. Again, the feedback we received was wonderful.

At Christ The KIng Catholic School we are always looking at ways to build a repertoire of skills for our learners. You would have received information from Mr Hadnett about the ‘Proclaiming the Word’ competition – this will be a great opportunity for all our children to take part and develop their confidence especially when it comes to reading the word of God in Church.

To reinforce the learning of the current Sacrament Strand in Religious Education, it would really help to have a prayer focus at home where the whole family is involved in praying together.

Through prayer, families dev

elop their relationship with God and with each other. It is in prayer that the family recognises the presence of God in each other and in the home. Family prayer not only binds people together but can help them to be at peace and strengthen them during times of uncertainty.

Some ideas for your prayer focus at home:

  • Begin with sign of cross
  • Read a bible story / Say a traditional prayer together.
  • Pray or hand around a treasure as you pray.
  • Sing / Be creative
  • You could think about praying in different places like the garden, under a tree, on the deck, or somewhere special.
  • Rosary if you have rosary beads and reflect on the mysteries of the rosary.
  • Remember to stay quiet and close your eyes while you stay peaceful and talk to Jesus in your heart ( just like we do at school).

Here is a link to: A collection of prayers and prayer ideas (Catholic Diocese of Auckland)

Take care and God Bless

Remember to be kind just like Jesus.

Te Aroha o te Atua

Beverley D’Souza

Director of Religious Studies


Kia Orana! This week has been a very productive week given the nature of our current situation and uncertain times with lockdown at Level 3. However, our students at Christ The King are fully engaged in a range of learning experiences. Over the last couple of weeks of this term we have had our Year 5 & 6 students compete in the basketball tournament at the Trust Stadium in Henderson. Jump Jam was a highlight last week. Jump Jam will be every Tuesday morning, weather dependent of course. Kiwisport has on focused gymnastics skills as part of our weekly Specialisation Day rotations.


For Writing this week, Room 2, students got to write about their thoughts about the importance of life. They chose the style or genre of writing they wished to express their ideas about this topic. Below is a powerful and thoughtful poem written by Jian.


This term is also Respect for Science. Classes are planning some fun science experiments over the coming weeks. Here are some great photos of young scientists in action.

George Tyrell – Deptuty Principal

Home Learning Packs

Junior Booklet (Rooms 4, 5 & 6)
Senior Booklet (Rooms 1 & 2)

CTK Past Pupil Evening

This event is about bringing back the history of our amazing school.  On the evening we will unveil our new staff honours board and honour Sister Ann Neven as the last Josephite Sister to be Principal.
Date: Friday 4th September
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Venue: CTK Parish Hall
Cost: $20 per person (drinks and nibbles provided)
This is an adults only event


We were thrilled to have four boxes arrive this week!  Short sleeved polos and jumpers are here!  Please stop in to the school office when you have time to purchase items.  Eileen is in the office every morning by 8:00am and leaves at 5:00pm.  If you need assistance earlier in the day, please phone or email the school office so we can make arrangements to open the office earlier in the morning.   School Office 626 7123


Handmade 12 inch candle with images of the Chalice, Host and Holy Spirit Dove. Your child’s name can be added. The ribbon will read ‘FIRST HOLY COMMUNION’. Blue ribbon for boy and pink ribbon for girl, $14.99 each. Contact Audrey 021 1415 778.

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