CTK Stationery Lists – 2016

The Stationery Lists for each class are below (check the Class Lists to see which one applies to your child).

We have keep a limited number of prepackaged Stationery Packs for the new entrants class on hand. We also have a well stocked stationery cupboard, where you can purchase most items off the class lists, and purchase ‘extras’, such as replacement books, swim bags, mouthguards and homework activity books throughout the year.

If you use these lists to purchase your own supplies, we ask that you buy exactly what is on the list (we have included product codes) to ensure that your child has the same equipment as the other children in their class. Your teacher has carefully selected each item on the list so that every item is correct for their age and ability and relevant for the learning activities your child will participate in.

In addition to the Stationery Packs, there are other stationery costs on the list for each class, and some items can only be sourced from the Admin office.

Please contact the office, or your classroom teacher if you have any questions.

Click here to view PDF – CTK Stationery Lists 2016 website FINAL