Arthur Amputch

Arthur Amputch – Proprieter’s Representative

I am a Civil Engineer and my wife Roshni and I reside in Waikowhai. I have always had an interest in education and a general awareness of issues in education as Roshni is a primary school teacher so I was happy to accept the request to be one of the Proprietors’ representatives on the Christ the King Board of Trustees.

I have particularly enjoyed participating in the Board’s School Charter review and preparation of the 2016-2018 Charter. I have also enjoyed assisting the other Proprietors’ representatives (Fr. Peter Tipene and Sr. Ann Neven) in preparing the Appointees Report to Bishop Patrick Dunn.

I would strongly urge anyone who has an interest in the education of the children of the Christ the King community to consider standing for the upcoming Board of Trustees election.

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