Dominic Vincent BOT

Dominic Vincent – Proprieter’s Representative

Hello, my name is Dominic Vincent and I am the newly appointed Proprietor Representative Trustee elected to serve on the Christ the King Catholic School Board. This is my first term on the Board of Trustees for the school. We have been parishioners since 1995. I wanted to join the Board, because our son has joined the CTK Catholic School last year. Being a member of the Board will enable me to learn how the education system works and to get a better understanding of how we as parents can help with the decisions made in the School. My role as a Proprietor Trustee is to ensure the Christ the King school continues to preach, teach and practice the principles and values bestowed on us as Catholics. I am employed with the Public Sector and have been with the Inland Revenue Department for over 10 years. I am confident that I will able to use my knowledge and experience to ensure the Integrity of the school, its staff, parents and families is protected at all times. I am passionate about my faith and as a practising Catholic I will give my 100% to promote the faith to not just my son but all children attending CTK Catholic School.

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