2017 School Year – Class Lists and Stationery Lists

Welcome Back Everyone!

Class Lists 2017

For privacy reasons, only the first initial of the student’s surname is used. If you have any questions about class placements, please contact the school office, or our principal. The office staff will be back the week before school starts.  Click here to view the 2017 Class lists: ctk-class-lists-website2017

Stationery Lists 2017

The Junior classes all have individual Stationery requirements, while the Senior school classes all have the same basic list, with different additional charges as relevant e.g. ‘Tech fees’ for Year 7-8 girls.

We have bulk sourced Stationery Packs at good prices, which are sold through the school office. You are able to source your own stationery, however, please purchase exactly what is on the class stationery list for your child. Each item has been chosen to suit your child’s learning needs and development stage. (Please note: if your child is in the senior school and you are purchasing your own headphones, ‘earbuds’ are not suitable for children’s ears – only ‘over the ear’ headphones are allowed in class).

The school office will be open to sell Stationery Packs (and school uniforms) during the last week of school holidays from Wednesday to Friday 10am-2pm. **update – we will only be open on the Thursday and Friday from 10-2pm***

Click here to view the Stationery Lists for 2017 (scroll down to view each class): ctk-stationery-lists-website-2017

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